Philanthropic Tours

Wilderness Zones works closely with Kinengo Trust, Mbitini Literacy and the 2020 MicroClinic Initiative as part of our CSR to give back to the local community.

Kinengo Trust 

Kinengo Trust is education, health/ sanitation and empowerment focused organization. It is registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act as part of the larger efforts to provide alternative and tenable interventions for the plight of children, women and men in difficult circumstances. This is a requirement by the government of Kenya. The organization will have a board of five members. 

Mbitini Literacy Project

The Mbitini Literary Project consists of 4 sections (or pillars) that build on each other. The first section, TEXTBOOKS lays the foundation of reading and writing and general education for the children. The next three sections, (LIBRARY BUILDING, LIBRARY BOOKS and WRITING AND READING) progressively build on this foundation with the goal producing a strong literacy culture in Mbitini. The project combines community initiatives with well-wishing individuals to coordinate and produce four pillars of literary in Mbitini. Students, parents, teachers, clients, friends and donors are all essential contributors to building the Mbitini Literacy Project as they provide the resources that will enable this project to prosper.

2020 Microclinic Initiative.

2020 Microclinic Initiative programs are dedicated to the health of mothers and their families in rural Kenya. The four pillars of it’s programs has created a big impact.

  • More than 6,000 healthy babies have been born through our program.
  • Thousands of mothers and their families have access to our innovative card game, Learning Pamoja, and other health education resources with information that can save lives and transform communities.
  • ​Our program means fewer at-home deliveries, more lifesaving prenatal care, better rates of malaria prevention, better adherence to childhood immunizations guidelines, a decline in the rate of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, and greater access to critical medical screening services and medication.