Kenya as a destination

Simply put, Kenya is the best country when it comes to scenery, wildlife and cultural experience. It is often referred to as “Land of Contrasts.” Besides the spectacular flora and fauna that the country boasts, we also have some of the best beaches in the world. 

Some of the Coastal towns most of the transport is still with donkeys. The town of Lamu ‘froze’ in the 14th century and it offers the best Swahili traditions. While out here, most of the travel between the islands is through the wind assisted dhows. These are the boats that fishermen use and also transportation of goods is through the dhows. Every year, there is the Lamu cultural week where there are human races and the most famous Lamu donkey race! Water sports are taking roots and this past year Kenya was included in the world series of wind sailing. Cruise tourism is also big and every year, the Kenyan coast hosts some the best cruise companies from all over the world to the Kenyan coast.

Mt. Kenya which stands at 17, 058 ft is the second highest peak in Africa. The mountain offers the best “high altitude vegetation class-room” There are plants that are only found on this spectacular mountain. Although the highest peak is only accessible via technical rock climbing, the third highest peak is an equally amazing experience. Besides the height, there are lakes and rivers that make the scenery of the mountain so scenic. There is an altitude of about 2, 000ft of bamboo trees, the world’s largest grass species.

With over 1, 100 species of birds, Kenya is considered as a bird haven. The birdlife is so great that it makes first time birders appreciate birds and convert to bird watchers! “I never knew there were so many easily seen species of birds in one country”, this is one of the most common feedback that I get from clients who originally didn’t book a birding trip. One of the best American birders, Roger Tory Stevenson once said the Lake Nakuru is the best wildlife spectacle on earth. This has made Kenya a popular birders stop in the world.

As for the cultural aspects, Kenya boasts of over 42 different ethnical groups. These are broken into four major groups of Bantus, Cushites, Nilotes and Neo-Hamitics. All these groups/ tribes have different cultures that make them unique in their own way.

At Wilderness Zones Safaris, we show you all this in our unique, very personal, way. Of course we use good vehicles, equipped with two-way radios, and we are known for guaranteeing every safari-goer a window seat. We observe animals to understand them, never on a rushed program. We introduce you to local communities. We work with conservationists, and we enjoy spending evenings with you discussing issues that affect conservation in Kenya, both past, present and future.

I know that leadership is the key for visitors to really know and learn a great appreciation of a destination. It is always my pleasure to share what Kenya has to offer. As a guide, we know we are Kenya’s ambassador to the outside world and we endevour and promise to do our job with great care and sincerity. All our guides are National Outdoor Leadership

 Our hiking and backpacking area is the Masai country of Nguruman Hills/ Forest and the Loita Plains. The terrain is one of contrasts, from arid savanna and acacia thorn-bush country to dense cloud forest. Here we will be accompanied by the Masai warriors, “morans” as we hike. On the savannah you are likely to see many plains animals: wildebeest, zebra and several species of gazelles as well as the Maasai herding their cattle and goats. From the top of the Nguruman Escarpment, you will see breathtaking views of the Rift Valley. As we climb down the cloud forest, that rims the Rift Valley at 8, 000ft, we will follow trails made by elephants and buffalo. You are likely to see the acrobatic Colobus monkeys leaping from limb to limb high in the canopy above.

 During the hikes, the participants will visit the Masai bomas. On at least one night, we will have “a goat roast” prepared the Masai way … over a huge campfire. At night, you will be soothed to sleep by sounds of hyenas, lions, elephants, birds and singing from the Masai bomas and mowing of distant Masai cows. The sounds of Africa will stay with you for the rest of your life….

 “Our personal journeys in life have led us to Africa. It was not by chance. Africa is a the land where at most you feel that nothing and no one can exist out of a relationship. It is the land in which the ancestors still have their voices listened to. It is the land where past and present mingle together giving birth to a four-dimensional reality, where one can get lost, but even….find itself again.”

 This program will offer the students and their faculty to hike through the Loita Hills brings you deep into Masai country where you will awaken to the sound of cow bells with their low soft clang and drift off to sleep as a million stars twinkle above the comfortable tent you’ll call home on this trip. You will visit the Rift Valley Lakes and hike some of the best hiking areas with lots of high altitude vegetation, scenery and geology. Our last stop will be the ancient old town of Lamu where will sail in the 15th Century boats and get to learn the history of the East African coast which has a lot of relation to the coastal town of Lamu. During your visi to the country, your hosts will be on hand to talk to you and answer questions resulting in a dialog about cultures, customs, and the recipe for those outstanding spinach crepes as opposed to being “lectured at”.